Active Learners / Leaders / Citizens


久久热视频 brings together experienced and successful practitioners who share a collective belief in the effectiveness of school improvement, the primacy of performance management and the potential of new technology to enhance learning. The Trust has the strong moral purpose of enabling schools to deliver high levels of achievement for all pupils, regardless of socio-economic circumstances, family situation or ethnic background. The Trust will secure and sustain improvement in schools by providing leadership and support through academy sponsorship, by working with governing bodies to strengthen their leadership and strategic delivery and through contracted work with school leaders and their teams.


In our academies and the schools that we work with, we will:

  • Establish and maintain strong and effective leadership
  • Maintain the highest expectations of Trust-wide teaching and learning and recognise that each school is an integral part of its local community
  • Deliver good governance as a non-negotiable element of our work
  • Develop and sustain a strong and rapid trajectory of improvement in all our schools
  • Ensure a calm and purposeful learning environment
  • Maintain robust systems of performance management
  • Champion broad and balanced curricula designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century
  • Develop and sustain strong links with local and national business to foster links for work experience and future employment opportunities
  • Harness the developing potential of information technology to enhance classroom practice and the business operations of the Trust
  • Promote the sharing of expertise and effective practice across our academies and schools
  • To listen to pupils, staff and parents as to how the Trust and schools deliver to their local communities
  • Provide value for money services, delivered at minimised administrative cost
  • Build capacity by nurturing a collaborative network of school improvers
  • Be outward facing, learning from excellent practice and other research to develop the offer in our schools and across the Trust
  • Ensure community ‘ownership’ of our Academies and schools and that they are seen as the schools of choice by their communities
  • Foster and sustain strong links with further and higher education

In overall terms, the Trust wants to be able to be judged as having met a shared set of values and a vision, delivering a high quality education provision so that all pupils and students maximise their potential for learning.


Is to maximise our impact at school level, both with schools in need of significant improvement and with those that are already outstanding (especially with outstanding leadership and/or attainment) and that have a desire to develop and use their expertise to support others. Specifically we will:

  • Support the drive to raise standards in the lowest performing schools, through our own team of experienced school improvers and with the support of existing high performing schools
  • Continually improve our capacity to ensure that the quality of what we deliver remains at an outstandingly high level by ensuring there are strong systems of performance management in place in all schools to support improvement, seeking out and valuing excellent performance and by ensuring good value for money
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality education through our Academies to support pupils across all age ranges from the early years to post 16
  • Work with LAs on school organisation issues to address local communities’ demand for the provision of high quality school places locally
  • Develop the leadership, management and governance in all our schools so that we grow and maintain the best leaders, and act as a “Training School” network to grow the next generation of effective teachers and school leaders
  • Develop and support local governing boards who share our determination to raise standards in all Trust schools
  • Provide value for money services to our schools that minimise administration locally and maximise the potential for our managers to be leaders in their school.


  • We recognise each school is different – we don’t look to impose a corporate style or identity on schools but we do have a common approach to maintaining the highest expectations.
  • We believe our role is to help schools achieve excellence through the provision of support, advice and challenge of the highest quality.
  • We are committed to a collaborative approach to our work, based on a shared understanding of what needs to be done, by whom and by when in order to maximise the impact of our work
  • 久久热视频 seeks to promote a tolerant and informed view of the world and holds no political, cultural or religious affiliations. These core values underpin our commitment to provide the highest quality education for all our pupils so that they can go on to live fulfilling and responsible lives as active citizens.
  • We will always be open and honest in our communication and welcome feedback .
  • We always do what we say we will do.
  • We will strive for excellence and quality in everything we do.
  • Our staff can expect support and advice of the highest quality, clarity about the expectations we have of them and the right and responsibility to share successes and concerns.
  • We believe pupils in schools that are part of the Trust have the right to an excellent education and a responsibility to positively take part in school and community life to the best of their ability.
  • We believe that parents are an important part of a child’s education and it is the responsibility of the Trust and schools to engage positively with parents to secure their support to raise attainment.
  • We believe that strong Local Boards, acting as part of the Trust’s monitoring and evaluation of progress, are key partners to success.